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Under Construction

I am currently working on a new portfolio, one that would be updated to 2022 and not 2019 as the last one. It might take some time to build it, stay tuned.

What is it that I do

UX Design

Creating organised interfaces for specific target audiences


Sorting data and presenting it via visualisations 

UI Design

Adding colour, texture, images and more to medium fidelity screens


Supporting UX juniors throughout the process of getting their first job

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Let’s create Something Together

I am currently working on a few project, besides my baby-datavis personal project that is still running, but there is always room for something exciting!

Do you work with a fixed price?

It depends on the project. I usually charge hourly rate to small project, but it depends on the scale, budget and timetable. With that being said, do not feel discouraged contacting me, we can figure it all out together.

Do you have a spot in your mentoring programme?

As I deeply care about my students, providing non-stop support and working hard with them, the programme is currently full. Once a mentee will be ready to spread it’s wings and will get a job, a spot will be open.

I saw you speak at #isvis22 when are you going to speak again?

It was a great experience and a brilliant opportunity! Nothing is scheduled for this year, perhaps 2023 will bring new opportunities regarding that matter.

Do you offer datavis and data-art one time commission?

I do! I absolutely love sorting data and presenting it to the audience with colours, graphs and unique ways dedicated to the place and the users. I am currently working with DVS Heuristic style guides.  

How can I reach you?

Via your favourite social-network! Ideally via email, but Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Dribbble, Behance and even twitter… I am there.