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I’m a Datavis UX Designer op

Or Misgav

Sensibo. Case study

I was diving deeper into understanding the poor reviews on App stores. To do so, I focused on the usage frequency of main users and what could be done to decrease frustration levels by fulfilling their needs.


Ribblr is a modern crafting platform born to empower crafters worldwide.

Datavis Project

Transforming excel sheets and document files to an insightful animated presentation that offers an overview of the last 5 years work

Summer pattern

A collection of Ethan’s activities over the summer break, presenting what he did and with whom

Ethan’s relationship with bananas

A line graph showing the relationship baby Ethan had with bananas

Brushing Ethan’s teeth

Teeth brushing frequency visualisation with relation to visiting the paediatrician 

How many pillows did I need?

Stacked bar chart of total pillows used per two months

an ag-tech company that develops vertical farming systems for smart cities. growing fresh and healthy food vertically with our innovative vertical farming technology


Home Interior Designs

Jennifer Fernandoz

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